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ABSTRACT: The Dom Feliciano Belt is an important Neoproterozoic to Cambrian orogenic complex, extending from eastern Uruguay to southern Brazil. It comprises a collage of oceanic domains and continental fragments developed between 900 and 540 Ma between the Rio de La Plata, Congo and Kalahari cratons. Its African counterpart includes the Saldania-Gariep, Damara, Kaoko and West Congo belts (Fig. Several models have been presented to explain the tectonic evolution of this orogen and its role in the assemby of West Gondwana (e.g.: Southern portion of the Gondwana continent showing the main cratonic areas and of the Dom Feliciano belt and related belts of Africa. Cratons: A = Amazon, C = Congo, K = Kalahari, LP = Rio de la Plata, PT = Paraná, SF = São Francisco.

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Neste momento de grande espessamento crustal, a partição da deformação no cinturão controla a sua evolução final com a passagem para uma tectônica de escape, responsável pela nucleação de zonas de cisalhamento transcorrentes de escala crustal. Time frame of 753-680 Ma juvenile accretion during the São Gabriel orogeny, southern Brazil.

This ocean separated the continental areas represented by the Rio de la Plata Craton and the Nico Perez continental microplate. Ages (U-Pb SHRIMP and LA-ICP-MS) and stratigraphic evolution of the Neoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary successions from extensional Camaquã Basin, Southern Brazil.

Closure of the Adamastor ocean resulted in an important collisional event between the Nico Perez Microplate/Rio de La Plata Craton and Kalahari and Congo cratons between 650 and 620 Ma, involving high T/intermediate P metamorphism.

1 - Unpublished data, 2 - ) composed of Paleoproterozoic, Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic metamorphic and granitic rocks, surrounded by Neoproterozoic associations of the DFB (Fig. The DFB is the southern segment of the Mantiqueira Province, and represents a crustal segment strongly deformed and migmatized between ca. Ductile Shear Zones: 1 - Itajai-Perimbó, 2 - Major Gercino, 3 - Caçapava do Sul, 4 - Dorsal de Canguçu, 5 - Passo do Marinheiro, 6 - Ibaré, 7 - Sarandí del Yí, 8 - Sierra Ballena, 9 - Cerro Amaro, 10 - Arroio Grande. The relationships between the units of Rio de La Plata Craton (RLPC), Nico Perez Microplate (NPM) and Dom Feliciano Belt (DFB) are shown in Figure 2, in which a combination of information including the time relationships between lithostratigraphic and geotectonic units and time, U-Pb and Pb-Pb geochronology (crystallization, metamorphic ages and detrital zircon provenance in metasediments), geochemistry, and main orogenic cycles are presented.

The geochronological data indicate three main Neoproterozoic orogenic events: After that, the continental crust in southern Brazil experienced a period of tectonic quiescence which was marked by the emplacement of basic-ultrabasic complexes of Callymian age (1.57-1.55 Ga), represented by the Capivarita ­meta-anortosite (). INTRODUCTION The Mantiqueira orogenic system is of one of the main Neoproterozoic orogens formed during the assembly of West Gondwana.